Corporate Investigator

Do you know if your business partner is cheating you? Or, do you even know about the new businessman with whom you are thinking to sign an important deal? Well, most of us don’t even care to think about all these things before making a deal or start a new business.

We don’t know what the other person might be thinking about at the present moment. We don’t have the power to read the mind of any person. Thus, there are full chances that any person in our business or office might betray us or cheat us which may lead us to suffering some kind of loss or even to the extent of bankruptcy. Thus, one should be very careful while making any business partners or deals.

Many a times it so happens that just on the basis of a few meetings we start liking a person and then start of with a business deal. There are also many fraudster companies which fool the other companies and take away all their money making it completely bankrupt. The new person in front of you providing you with a very tempting deal might actually be a fraud, cheating you.

Thus, dealing with unknown people might be a very risky job. You should understand the truth, that not every person in this earth is trustworthy. It doesn’t take much time for a person to change their decision or word. I agree that business is full of risks, but it’s always good to have a back up solution or a protective shield such as a corporate investigator.

A corporate investigator is a person who has the license to investigate the various business operations and decisions. Before making any important deal, a corporate investigator will try his best to find all possible facts about the person with whom you wish to finalize the deal. In a way he will check if the person is legible to become your business partner or not thus, removing all the barriers or the possibilities of fraud and cheatings.

Indirectly, a corporate investigator increases your business’s safety and security from the other fraudster companies and hence making the future of your company very bright. The corporate investigators can also cover the various other topics such as criminal inquiries related to any financial matters. A corporate investigator will properly monitor every transaction that is made by the company and thus ensuring that everything is at its place safely in the company.

So, if you wish to protect your business from such terrible mishaps, then you better take the help of a corporate investigator.

Fraud Risk Management

Defining a company and then making it stand by itself in a profitable margin includes years of our hard work, sweat, time and lots of energy. While trying to make it a success, we get emotionally attached with the company and its success rate. But, to cheat and take away all the funds and security from the company would not even take a few days for a fraudster which might even cause the collapse of the company.

Despite, the focus on the world’s corporate power and the various aspects of risk management, even today we can observe many major corporate companies collapse due to the various frauds. Yet, there are people who fail to understand the risk of suffering from frauds and do not take the necessary steps for protecting their company from this risk. Thus every organization should protect itself from these scams by practicing the various fraud risk management procedures.

The fraud risk management can be categorized into the following phases like

  • Fraud prevention.
  • Avoidance.
  • Disruption report.
  • Recognition.
  • Examination.
  • Investigation.
  • Enforcement and finally
  • Recovery.

Each of these phases are well defined, right and have clear objectives. But very rarely these objectives are followed strictly by the organization or are provided with sufficient management help and support. Only sometimes, they are followed strictly and regularly by a few organizations and perform investigation of a fraud. Mostly, these frauds are a result of certain problems which were badly handled and got out of hand. Thus, the fraud risk management should be properly implanted into the organization and followed regularly in comparison to what is being practiced today.

If, in any case your company gets exposed to a fraud, the very next step that should be taken is to create a fraud risk management. But, the management of this risk form fraud is not constrained to just one department of the whole organization. It has to be well understood and practiced by all the departments and every individual.

This regular practicing of risk management basically depends on the size of the organization, location, industrial sector etc. Thus, not considering the variables on which the risk management depends, every company should try to achieve at least one or all the main objectives of risk management for the safety and most importantly security of the organization. These objectives are:

  • Prevent: stopping the frauds from occurring.
  • Avoidance: avoid getting into contact with the fraudsters trying to do any fraudulent commotion.
  • Disruption: make things as difficult as possible for the fraudsters.
  • Identification: follow good strategies which will help you to identify the risky activities and the weaknesses.
  • Civil action: an effective strategy will help you to reduce the possibilities of needing to sort out the expenses, time consumptions and disruptions.

Thus, if you really wish to secure your organization from the frauds and fraudsters then implement the fraud risk management.

Patent Copyright Trademark Infringement

With the fast growing corporate sectors, the number of frauds and various violations has also been increasing in today’s world. Trademark and copyright infringements is one of the most common violations or frauds occurring in most of the companies.

Trademark and copyright are two very different aspects in the corporate and the business world. Copyright is more genuinely used for the artistic things like music, poetry, fiction, books, sculptures, games, various software programs etc. while, trademark is mainly the name of some products, slogans, logos and services. Registering a trademark thus enables the owner of the company all the rights for the mark specified to the industry. Thus, a trademark is used to identify any particular product or service. For instance, the slanted design of the three stripes is the trademark of the famous sports manufacturer company named the Adidas.

Today, trademark and copyright infringement is a very common possibility for every type of business irrespective of whether you are on the receivers end or are being violated by another competitor. Thus, the need to attain a legal assistance from an experienced attorney specialized in your field of requirement arises. Also, you should try to avoid the various problems from your side relative to trademarks and copyrights by following a few general points.

How to prevent copyright infringements?

If you wish to protect your business and its reputation from the fraudsters and from getting violated, follow the simple steps given here below.

  • All your original contents, at their bottoms you should include a small but strong copyright tag. This will prevent the fraudsters from stealing your material or content.
  • It is sometimes advised by the experts to use a summary feed for most of your business blogs which is also disagreed by some as it causes problems to the readers. But if you want to use the full text feed for your blogs, or pictures etc. it is advisable that you copyright it first.

How to prevent trademark infringement?

Trademark infringement has become a very common problem amongst the small businesses as well as the in the big co-operations. Thus while naming your business or the new products, a good research is very much needed as you don’t want to name your product or company by a name that already exists and is being used. The search engines are one of the best places where you can achieve all types of information regarding the name and the companies using it. After you decide the name of the company or the product you wish to launch, it is more advisable to get it registered for some protection when required.

So before someone violates your trademark or your copyrights, make sure that you take all the necessary steps to prevent them.

Worker’s Compensation

As the name suggests by itself, the workers compensation provides many important and essential protections related to injuries while working or some diseases to the workers, employers and the other helpers of a work place.

The worker’s compensation is chiefly a law or an insurance program which protects the employees against certain injuries that he might have suffered while carrying on his work and other duties in the company. Also, the law protects the workers who may get fatally injured during the duty. Sometimes there are cases where it may happen that the worker may get wounded badly and may not be able to rejoin work very soon. In these cases, the insurance program or the according to the law, the workers compensation is given to the grieving or shocked family of the worker.

The workers compensation law may be different in different countries and states, but the main aim and idea of the law remains the same. The different states, encourages various awards and prizes for those who get injured and pays them a fixed amount as a reward for their actions and work.

According to the laws, the various things that are covered include the illnesses associated to the work place, falls and many other mishaps in the work place. Also, it includes the injuries or the mishaps that might have occurred at places other than the work place while carrying out the business work under any kind of circumstances. For instance, if a worker gets injured while shifting some heavy materials at the deliverers place and gets injured, he will get compensation for that under the worker’s compensation law as he was mainly performing his work.

The compensation program not just covers the medical costs, but also has other plans from preventing the worker from suffering a loss of income caused due to the injury or the associated illness. Also, in few of the extreme cases the worker is paid about 2/3 of his regular salary throughout the recovery period until he is fit again to start his work.

In other cases where the employee gets permanently disabled and is not able to resume work again, the amount paid to him is higher than the other cases. All these services are usually taken care off by the company’s hr department. Thus, the company should also take care about the services that are provided by the hr departments. Thus, if you or some one from your company suffers from any kind of problem you know what actions you are supposed to take.